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FMW MedSpa in Towson, MD

About Our Practice

At FMW MedSpa, we can provide you with medical services through telehealth and remote appointment options in the Towson, MD area. Through the use of technology (mobile devices, home computers, webcams, and more), our board-certified family nurse practitioners, Sandra Ferguson and Linette Eke, can guide your treatment while remotely managing your care.

Telehealth is much more than just seeing your medical provider for an online visit — it is an opportunity to envision how you see your treatment being managed through the use of personal technology now and in the long-term. It also includes being able to see your nurse practitioner remotely or where receiving your treatment will mean the most for you. If you are interested in learning more about our telehealth services at FMW MedSpa, please call and speak with our friendly patient care coordinator for more information. Make an appointment, and we will discuss one-on-one how our holistic and innovative approaches to medicine can benefit you and your family.